Evolutility.org 4.1

Lightweight framework for heavy lifting

Evolutility is an open source generic web UI for database applications. With it you can create small web apps like an Address book, a To do list or even a Wine Cellar without writing any code.

About the next version of Evolutility

Evolutility is now more than 10 years old... which is very old for a software. It is time for a re-write!

The next version will use a more modern UI stack w/ Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Backbone, Underscore, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Demos: address book - to do - wine cellar

Check out the prototype and see the code at GitHub.

Imagine the possibilities

Build your own custom web application quickly and easily without having to write any C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, or SQL.

Quickly build professional looking web administration pages for your web site.

News & Press

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Demo applications

These sample applications are not anything you haven't seen before. The cool thing is that these were built in only a few minutes each, and can be customized as easily and without any hand-coding.


Feature specific demos


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